Launch Update

First and foremost, thank you all for your interest and patience while we are putting all the pieces together needed for a successful launch.

A few updates we can share with you at this time;

1) As you know, we revealed our comeback attempt with 6 colors/styles mix this past summer. However, for some reason, there have been some misunderstandings over at our suppliers with our final choices for the production materials, and they instead produced somewhat close but not exactly the same colors we chose to go with. Given the already tight timeline, we decided to go with these colors, instead of starting over the whole process because that would mean a significant delay overall.

We sincerely apologize if the color you had your eye set on didn't make it to the production. 


2) The production is wrapping up as we speak. However, we are now having some techinical issues over our website's functionality, involving pre-ordering process while applying promotional discount, inventory tracking and product personalization aspects. We are using the Shopify platform for its seamless integration of these different but equally important functionalities. However, after spending countless hours with the support staff this past week yet still without solid solution or workaround in sight, we have decided to go with the stripped down version of it instead.

This means, while it still allows you to place your orders the way you are supposed to, your transaction will be recorded as a regular sale, not a pre-order sale. As a workaround for this issue, we changed the payment setup so your payment card will be only authorized at the time of your "purchase,” but not charged. We will manually start charging these pending authorizations at a later date, slightly ahead of the actual shipping. 


While we hope to offer our originally intended product lineup and full personalization capacity in the not-so-distant future, we'd appreciate your support in our decision we have made today. 

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