Frequently Asked Questions

The list is short for now, as we just launched, but we will keep adding more over the time. 

  • We heard you folded a while ago. Are you really back in business again?

We did make a hard decision of folding in 2019, stemming from our frustrations over slow development of our next generation products. But we knew we had some great ideas on hand, and also encouraged by so many "why quitting now?" messages from our fans, we decided to regroup and give it one more try... but with somewhat scaled back features and also much smaller production volume to really focus on bringing it to the market this time. Yes, we are back, but it will take some time to fill out our roster.


  • Are these new styles limited editions? How long will they be available?

The new design itself is here to stay, but ultimately we'd like to keep our offerings fresh by shuffling them with new colors and/or materials on a pretty regular basis. This approach makes sense for us as we continue to experiment with new styles, materials, color palette, and so on. So, if you see something you like, you should snatch it up before it’s gone!


  • Are they going to be available at stores again? 

We have started taking small wholesale orders, with the intention to expand slowly to include more stores worldwide, just like the old days. If you are interested, please contact us so we can add your name to the wait list. Also, while you can't customize your handles, we recently started selling on Amazon (Canada, Mexico and the U.S. markets only) as well.


  • I bought a few extra handles to swap out sometimes, but they are really tight at the metal loop. Any advice? 

Sticking a tiny and thin paper cutout between the handle base and the backside of the handle and then pulling them down altogether will ease out on the sticky friction between the two surfaces. Alternatively, you can also use the plastic tube the handle came in.