Rink Tote 2.0

"Specifically designed for figure skaters, who step on the ice with a handful of essentials every day, our Rink Tote makes "in and out of the rink" so much easier. With various open pockets of different sizes and purposes in mind, not only does it make easily accessible to what you need during the precious practice time, but it also keeps everything well-organized all in one place, minimizing the risk of losing items."

Much of our focus is still the same... except we just took it to a whole new level, inside and out!

  • New Faces

    Our longtime favorite Jazzy line made the comeback... in velvet this time!

    We also changed the quilting pattern back to the square ones, except it's a much bigger block than our original version.

  • Boa Fleece Handles

    Our handle game just got another serious upgrade with these fun additions!

    Also, based on the feedback we received, we are now selling all replacement handles as a 2pc set, not individually.

  • Pass-though Back Strap

    We heard you loud and clear! We brought back the pass-through strap for your suitcase handle, just like the old days.

    But don't you worry! You can still purchase these gorgeous aluminum chains for other purposes!

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